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Waiting for the pandemic to pass and the travel industry to return to its former glory, Admin Assistant turned seasonal worker, Gina Cerejo, showcases the lives of fellow Seasonaires, Expats, Workaways, Nomads, Van-lifers and travelling adventurers from around the world, sharing inspirational stories and insights into their alternative lifestyles living and working abroad from their native countries. Discover the journeys of those who stepped out of their comfort zones, swerved the status quo, changed careers and leapt into a world full of opportunity. Do you ever wonder what it’s like to move to a foreign land? Perhaps you dream of winters in the snow and summers in the sun? Maybe you’re looking for inspiration or motivation for your next adventure? If you’ve been waiting for a sign to take the next step toward a different way of life this is it. Tune in as we share insider knowledge, tips, tricks and encouraging tales from interesting people around the globe.  Listen to their experiences and advice to guide you forward onto the path you’ve been dreaming of… step out of the 9 to 5 and into the adventure! 


Gina Cerejo

Gina Cerejo


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The Trailer! Season One

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In this trailer for Season One of That Seasonaire Podcast, host Gina Cerejo gives a brief description of what inspired her to make a podcast and what you can expect from the show. The first season will comprise of ten episodes released fortnightly featuring interviews with pro snowboarders, authors, holiday reps, teachers and many more to get you motivated and ready for the long awaited return of the travel industry. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe or follow button to get information on new releases as they come out. 

Season 1, The Trailer!

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